I’ve always loved travel and an element of adventure. For the most part I’ve been lucky in my exploits with the odd scrape here and there but nothing to slow me up much. In 2012 I came off my motorcycle and broke my thumb which ruled out a lot of things for quite some time. Paragliding was shelved as was opening jars and packets of crisps. In order to rehabilitate my hand I wanted a sport that involved gentle movement and canoeing and ultimately sea kayaking fitted the bill.

As an added bonus it is great at de stressing you and acting as an antidote to the modern world.

Below are some of the photos from my former motorcycling adventurer life.


What I lacked in biking quantity I made up for in quality. I went off the beaten track and visited 22 countries.


Most bikers avoid Albania. I blazed a trail right through the middle of it from North to South with an overnight stay in Tirana.

The Balkans in my view are a bikers dream. There are so many undiscovered places from a Western bikers point of view. Montenegro has some of the best twisties I have ever seen.

Fair weather… pfft, who needs that?

When the recession hit I had to get rid of the 800 and do without a bike for a year. Of course as the saying goes “once a biker, always a biker”. It never leaves your system. It’s a mindset, a way of life.

Within a year I’d picked up a Honda CB500 and prepped it for travel.

While this was a step down from all the bells and whistles of a top end BMW it was an eye opener into a purer form of motorcycling. No heated anything, no wind protection, no distractions! Just pure motorcycling.

This was the bike that steered me to the K100 that I now have which in essence is just a bigger version of this CB500. Less is more!